Securing AI

Wodan is a data security and privacy solution for AI-focused organizations.

We empower users and AI providers to use, build and deploy AI with confidence.

Wodan protects AI users' privacy and security.

Avoid data breaches

Enhance data privacy

Data protection compliancy

100% guaranteed use of models without disclosing privacy sensitive information.

For ML users

Wodan protects your data through the entire pipeline. Your data stays encrypted for everyone except you. You will also get a cryptographic certification guaranteeing the integrity of your data, the ML model used, and the inference results.

For ML providers

Wodan builds trust in your user community, guaranteeing the correct use of your AI models preserving its integrity and inner working from third parties. Prove the results of your models without revealing any parameters about your infrastructure.

We use Homomorphic Cryptography to provide data privacy and Zero-Knowledge Proofs to guarantee data, model, and result integrity.

Take the first step towards secure AI