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Building trust in AI through radical transparency

Wodan is a data integrity management solution for AI-focused businesses. We empower developers to build & deploy AI with confidence. We do this through a blockchain-powered platform that provides immutable data provenance.

A strong foundational model starts with Wodan

Automated, immutable data provenance

Wodan replaces data leakage-prone manual tracking methods with automated workflows that tie your AI model to data without exposing the data. Protect yourself against copyright infringement claims and IP leakage.

Data poisoning protection

Wodan’s fingerprinting technology provides a 100% degree of certainty that data sources were not maliciously tampered with. Train your LLM with confidence.   

Provable data integrity technology

Wodan uses data sources that provide unique fingerprints to guarantee data integrity.  

“By delivering provable data integrity and security, Wodan is paving the way for enhanced reliability and confidence in AI systems.”

Jen King CEO of DeStor

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